Decisionz Issue 2 Spring 2020 - Page 30

This is Tim.
Tim is studying A levels.
Tim finally found a degree course
that he wants to study but then
realised that he didn’t take the right
A level subjects to get on to it.
Don’t be like Tim.
U seful Websites
There are two ways you can use this website. You can either enter
the degree course you want to study and it tells you the essential and
useful subjects to take at A level, or you can select the A levels that you
are interested in and it will show you degree courses that would
be open to you.
You can use the UCAS search tool to find out which universities offer
the degree subjects that you are interested in. You can even search
by region in order to narrow down your search. Click on the course
title to find out the entry requirements. Here it will tell you any specific
subjects that you need and what grades you need to get or how many
tariff points you need. Find out more about UCAS tariff points in our
summer magazine coming out in May!


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