Decisionz Issue 2 Spring 2020 - Page 26

5 Top Tips for Acing
that Interview
Julian Bingham, CEIAG Lead at The National C of E Academy
Whether you’re preparing for a mock interview or the real thing
the same considerations apply. Check out our five top tips for
acing that interview...
1 Think about the image you are projecting
Dress code – is it business or smart casual? Ring ahead and find
out, and if you are unsure always dress smartly. A good handshake
with eye contact, good posture and a clear voice are all basic
expectations. Go easy on the sprays and perfumes. You might smell
lovely but if the interviewer is allergic it’s game over, so stay neutral.
2 Be honest
We all know that one kid who can blag their way in or out of
anything. In the real world however, blaggers usually fall flat on
their face really quickly so don’t go there! The information you
hand over needs to be on point and legit. Most employers will ask
for a reference so you can very easily get caught out.
3 Sell yourself
Why would anyone want you? No seriously, why? An interview is
a great opportunity to tell them what makes you great. All you’re
basically saying is; ‘you have a hole in your company that I fit…
employ me’. So what are your unique selling points? What do you
bring to the job? Spend some time before the interview to plan
some key points that you want to get across.


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